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Assortments Starting at $20

10 Sheets
Stained glass assortments $20
Limited supply: Random sampler 10 Pack (4x8) sheets

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Intro Bead Making Kits

Intro Bead Making Kits
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Price: $92.99
Product ID : 2-0



Starter Kits for Bead Making Jewelry workers and custom bead makers.
Enjoy making dazzling marbles and beads fast and easy. This kit is hard core (not a 5 step copy of instructions or a propane ignighting head). Please compare our tools and prices. Chances are if your looking for a kit you don't know what you need. Basically if your getting into custom bead making a serious set up would cost you between $500-$900. Brake this price down and you would need to sell 500-900 beads for $1 to pay for your equipment. NOT a good thought...... Now if your looking make up to 3/4 beads  have fun and start out right.
Our intro kit containes:

  • The HOT HEAD 1/2" torch just for making glass beads. (Designed for MAP gas. 1/8" to 3/4" beads). Please don't waste your time with a propane head, or push button start.
  • 5 mandrel rods.
  • 1 bead rake.
  • 15 piece glass rod assortment.
  • 6x20 fiber bead blanket.
  • Table torch holder kit.
  • Dual action Marver.
  • Work surface.
  • You can Make Glass Beads book by Cindy Jenkins.
  • Bead Release.
  • Safety glasses