Bent Glass Lamp and Repairs

Our professional portfolio is broad, from a lighting fixture in Korea to the Christian Science Center in Boston. Brows and enjoy some the bent glass projects we have completed. To be less intimidating repairs range between $75-250 for small jobs. Day projects can be priced. Before doing so, you may wish to look over and digest the costs of the repairs, which we set forth as follows.

A (mold) must be made from your original broken or good panel. Our master mold making method requires about 8 hours of labor to complete. The process requires 2 kiln firings to set the mold at 900 degree's. It also requires a paper patterns displaying the mathematical shape of a bent panel after bending. Each glass panel bent on our mold (limit 8-10 per mold). Takes about 2 hours and in some cases of compound bending we perform a test bend before doing a copy. Custom mold- (1-12") $95

Custom bent glass panel - (single or compound bend 1-12") $85ea

Basic Box Shipping is $28.50 (up to 4 panels UPS-glass boxing and insurance) Domestic ground only.

Click here to print our PDF basic panel order form.

If your lamp requires additional labor by us to remove and replace the damaged panels or other repairs then a rate of $65.00 per hour, in 1/2 hour increments will be applied. Assuming that the lampshade will be shipped to our studio. Please note lamp shades shipped to us (must) be bubble wrapped, use peanuts and must be double boxed. You should also insure the value to avoid any losses via your shipping method. The additional labor plus our return shipping will be applied to your final bill based on weight, size and zip code using the method above via UPS ground.

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Frame $85 Frame restored $1900 Frame with Glass $7,800

Like any fine antique if part of the antique is missing the value can be seriously diminished. Restoration to this cast brass metal frame increased its value but without constructing a new glass basket the value was low.

Brass Frame

Glass Mold making step 1

Creating a mold for bending glass is the first step. With no existing glass to form mold material this can be a challenge. Often broken or cracked panels are used as a male mold to create a female mold.

Making a glass mold.


Glass Mold making step 2

When creating something from nothing again it becomes a challenge when you have nothing to use or follow. With no existing glass we created a male mold using a metal base.

Old antique glass shades and chandelier metal frames.

Variable: Using the antique brass frame as a guide for the diameter and height. Deduct and compensate for a tolerance between the frame and the glass basket (one unit) 12 pieces of glass. Deduct for the thickness of material (1/8 restoration glass and brass channel ). Calculate how and where the basket will be attached before making the basket.

Metal mold makingSand Mold

Glass Mold making step 3

Repairing antique bent glass lighting fixtures step 3.

Molds for bending glass can be fabricated from lots of materials. While we have our own personal favorites. Basically it comes down to how many time the mold will be fired over 1300 degrees. Glass molds break down and require patching if used several times. When this authentic antique lighting fixture was created the manufacture used steel molds to fabricate thousands of pieces of glass.

How to bend glass for antique restoration

Selecting glass. Assembling skirt.

Clients love this part. In most situations this is the only part of the process the clients think about. In some cases selecting glass is not negotiable. Our goal is to match the existing glass 97-100%. In some cases this may involve custom ordering glass from a glass manufacture. Retaining as much of the original glass is the goal. If there's a fine crack we use a special restoration glass glue to seal the crack. With most historical glass lighting restoration contracts this is standard practice. Our studio conforms with all architectural restoration practices as well as incorporating our quality workmanship and pride.

This antique lighting fixture restoration.

Again we had no glass to reference but had lots of experience with this period and style of antique lighting. We negotiated and compromised with the clients feelings.

Antique lamp repair assembling


Assembled lower section

Collaborating and exchanging ideas between the shops artists is encouraged before a restoration project starts. Investing thought and design into the early stages of lamp restoration makes assembling enjoyable. Once the project plan is drawn up one artist depending on their strengths will start and complete the restoration. Again each project carries a lot of pride in workmanship.

Lamp assembling bottom

Combining the skirt and lower section (one unit)

For obvious reasons like transportation and installation. The new glass unit had to be removable. From a manufactures view point the unit must be removable for possible future repairs.

"The antique lighting fixture would remain hanging while the glass basket could be removed for repairs".

So early into the design stage we knew the unit had to be removable. Our finished basket had to match the diameter of the lower brass ring within 1/8 inch. The lower ring was drilled and the basket was taped to accept 4 brass screws.

Completed antique bent glass shade