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Glass Eye 2000

Glass Eye 2000
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Price: $169.00
Product ID : 43-2



Glass Eye 2000 (Hard CD not a download)

Save more $$$ when you order Glass Eye 2000 Standard Edition direct from Nickates  This is the software that gives stained glass artists a simple way to create, adapt, and print custom patterns using their computers. Start with any of the 400 patterns in its library or design a pattern from scratch with a collection of easy to learn, easy to use drawing tools. Glass Eye 2000 has been called "the industry standard in stained glass design software" by both Spectrum Glass and Glass Patterns Quarterly. Runs on all versions of Windows, including Vista, and MACS running Virtual PC or Boot Camp. Please note opened software can not be returned. Features: Draw Patterns and Add Glass Colors Use the drawing tools to create patterns, then apply realistic glass colors and textures. Re size to Any Dimensions Scale your pattern to the size you need Number the Pieces Instantly numbers even complex designs Print Full-Size Patterns Print from your printer! If a design doesn't fit on a single sheet, it automatically "tiles" the image to several sheets you can then assemble into a full-size pattern. Getting Started is Easy! Software Includes: Extensive help system, in-depth tutorial introductory Video Free technical support for 30 days Plus: Includes a calculator that shows materials usage, and a handy cost estimator that takes the guesswork out of pricing your design. Experiment with different glass colors and textures in your design to visualize your creation before cutting a single piece. Glass Eye 2000 can number all your pieces instantly. Includes 400 patterns, 77 from CKE.  Design with bevels. Includes bevel library with 72 stock bevels and 89 Mika bevel clusters.  Go to Glass Eye's website check out the features, price and then come back to our website order and SAVE.