Glass Cutters

A glass cutter that really works! We sell specialty glass cutters designed for cutting every type of glass. Pistol glass cutters to circle glass cutters are stocked and shipped fast. We supply schools, artists and trades around the world. Glass bottle cutters are very popular for recycled art. A crafts person can't work without good tools. There are a large variety of glass cutting tools used to cut stained glass and fused glass. From simple hand held pencil and pistol grip cutters to circle glass cutters and strip glass cutters. These can make very difficult cuts easily and accurately, while saving on glass waste. There are also a number of specialty cutters for scoring straight lines or glass circles. A weighted hand glass cutter helps people who have weak hands and need assistance in applying the exact amount of pressure.

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Stained glass supplies can be ordered from our online catalog. Companies, schools, studio’s and artist can purchase stained glass supplies at very competitive prices. Consumers as well as resellers will enjoy our discounted stained glass supplies and bulk wholesale stained glass supplies. Nickates inventories 450,000 plus items ensuring your orders will be completed without delay. Enter and browse our online stained glass supply catalog filled with supplies for stained glass, fusing supplies and glass bead making supplies. We import lots of glass products direct as well as stock glass manufactures products like Inland grinders, glass cutters and stained glass soldering irons. Glastar glass grinders, Esico stained glass soldering irons, Mika soldering irons, GST beveled glass and beveled glass clusters. Glass from Spectrum glass, Wissmach glass, Pilkington glass and Kokomo glass. Cke stained glass patterns and stained glass books. Morton glass products, Gemini ring saw, band saws tarus 2 taurus 3 and more......

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