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Assortments Starting at $20

10 Sheets
Stained glass assortments $20
Limited supply: Random sampler 10 Pack (4x8) sheets

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XL German Mirror Grinder Head 3/4"

XL German Mirror Grinder Head 3/4"
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Price: $57.95
Product ID : 3-4



German Grinder Heads are simply the best heads made on the planet. They offer XL extra life "last longer" than stock bits. Well worth the investment. Mirror Bits have a unique grove for sanding the edges of mirror. Typical grinder heads will chip the nitrate of the backs of mirror but this mirror bit is extra fine to avoid chipping. They will fit Inland- Gryphon and Glastar grinders. (ALL the grinders we sell). Always use grinder coolant. Never grind dry. Check under chemicals.