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How to cut glass

My glass supplies- How to cut glass and some of the best stained glass cutters in the world.

Not all glass stained glass cutters are the same. When choosing a glass cutter we express to students if they want to enjoy and have great results with accurate glass cutting, spend a little more and get a good quality stained glass oil cutter. The basic glass cutter we sell is like the standard cutter purchased at you local hardware store. But unlike their stock cutter ours is a carbide glass cutter which will out last a steel wheel over time. If your going to use a basic stock glass cutter keep in mind it takes about 5 pounds of pressure to make a glass score line with a large wheel. To enjoy your glass hobby and cut glass with a smile you will want a glass cutter which has a very small cutting head. The smaller the cutting head the less pressure required to score your stained glass. Its like riding a bike the fatter the tires the harder it is to roll. The thinner the tires the easier it rolls and uses less gas or muscle. Bingo. Now if your looking for accurate glass cutting consider the toyo pistol grip glass cutters or neon pistol grip cutter. They offer you leverage when making pattern cuts in glass. If you looking to cut glass circle consider a lens cutter or circle glass cutter from our stained glass catalog. They will cut glass circles from ¼ up to 24 inches depending on the model. Glass strip cutters are a handy tool for production glass cuts of the same size. Basically you set the score size and just run the strip cutter against a guide. Cutting oil is not required but ask anyone who knows how to cut glass the correct way and they will tell you oil keeps the glass wheel rolling smooth and clean. Glass cutting oil may also act as a hydraulic and cause the score line to snap better. Glass cutting accessories or accessories for glass cutters are available for special situations.

The morton glass cutting workshop uses a work surface for glass cutters.

The morton glass cutting work surface is a great product by itself, available in two sizes. The morton work surface will catch your glass shards and allow you to work on a clean area without dusting. Then after you complete your glass cutting you can dump the morton surface into a waste basket. Inland makes a great tool for cutting angles, straight lines and geometric shapes. It’s like a glass cutting square only you get to set the cutting angle because it adjusts. We also sell special glass bottle cutters for cutting out glass bottles.