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Inland Grinders parts and supplies at Nickates

Inland Glass Grinders were one of the best-selling grinders in the stained glass industry, and there's a reason. Actually, there's a lot of reasons. But they have stopped manufacturing in the past 5 years. We are an inland glass grinder distributor and supplier for Inland parts. Online fast same day shipping from We sell diamond glass grinder supplies and parts for all makes. If your old glass grinder needs replacement parts like bits,heads or adapters. As one of the largest and fastest stained glass grinder distributors for the leading manufacturers. We stock and supply all the stained glass grinders as well as quality replacement parts. All inland glass grinder and band saws have a warranty from the glass grinder manufacture for 3-5 years depending on the model. We stock CG,wizard,allstar,G8,twinspins,twisters and other model replacment parts. Click here to go to our grinder parts page.