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Assortments Starting at $20

10 Sheets
Stained glass assortments $20
Limited supply: Random sampler 10 Pack (4x8) sheets

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47510-Round Box Mold 3-1/2"

47510-Round Box Mold 3-1/2"
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Price: $75.95
Product ID : 47510



This product is really two molds: a mold that makes the base and a mold that makes the lid. Fill each mold with frit - any mesh, billets, casting rocks, nuggets, pebbles, sheet glass - broken or cut-to-fit, “nipped” rods, or a combination of these. In a second firing, tack fuse other Colour de Verre castings to the lid and base. Larger Mold Dimensions: approx. 5.5” x 5.5” x 2.25” and Holds: 295 grams. Smaller Mold Holds: 115 grams.