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Stained Glass Assortments

Glass Assortments

Over 52 glass packs


Stock beveled glass cluster sale Low as $4

Bevel glass clusters on sale at Nickates

Stained glass designs by paned expression.

Paned Expressions glass designs on CD's. Chose from over 20 glass CD's with over1000 stained glass designs. Low as$19

stained glass pistol cutters

Pistol cutter

Low as $15


Discount stain glass sheets

Hobby glass

LOW AS .77¢



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Stained Glass Supplies from Nickates

Click here to view all our stained glass band saw parts and equipment.

We sell Inland glass band saws, Gemini Tuarus glass ring saws, DTI glass band saws and other stained glass band saw manufactures.

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Replacement diamond glass band saw blades and parts are always in stock for fast same day shipping. While we only sell the most popular current glass band saws we stock replacement parts for older band saws. Please call us if your looking for glasss band saw replacement parts not list.

Stained glass band saws will cut out any glass shape.

Simple and easy to use these glass diamond blade saws can cut lots of other materials besides glass. Optional band saw blades for metal and wood can be ordered to fit some glass band saws. Please check our parts department.

Diamond glass band sawsNickates was around 35 years ago when the first diamond stained glass band saw came to the industry.

We purchased our first stained glass band saw for almost $900.  The same glass saw is made today and sells for under $250.  So the industry has responded as far as lowering the cost of glass saws.  Now there are several types of glass band saws to pick from.  You have the flat diamond blade models like the Inland db100 glass band saw, the gryphon C glass band saw, the DTI line of speedster, 3000, 5000 and 7000 glass band saws. These saws again use a thin very fast cutting 3/16 flat 36" diamond blade. Because the blades are thin and long they cut faster and cut straighter. Once we had a blade last 1 year. Flat diamond glass blades run about $50-$80 depending on the supplier. The diamond wire glass saws like the Gryphon Omini 1, Omni 2 use a small 6"x 2" diamond area wire. These wire saws come with several blades and consume lots of blades. Not good.... Wire blades for these saws cost less because they only have a 2" area of diamond surface. About $20 for 3 blades. The diamond ring saws like the Zephyr, Taurus 2 and Taurus 3 use a 6-7" diamond ring shaped wire "like a donut". They cut in every direction because its a diamond wire which is there best selling feature. But they can't cut a straight line. Because the blades are round your not able to control a straight line. The slightest shake in your hand will be noticeable on the glass. Diamond glass ring saws could be compared to a scroll saw which is great for creating puzzle shapes and designs. Click here to go directly to our glass band saw catalog for prices and more info.

Here's the bottom line to purchasing a diamond glass band saw.

Stained glass band saws will never substitute your hand glass cutter but band saws will cut out any shape you want, the first time every time. With care. This transfers into wasting less glass and saving you money on expensive stained glass.