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Stained Glass Assortments

Glass Assortments

Over 52 glass packs


Stock beveled glass cluster sale Low as $4

Bevel glass clusters on sale at Nickates

Stained glass designs by paned expression.

Paned Expressions glass designs on CD's. Chose from over 20 glass CD's with over1000 stained glass designs. Low as$19

stained glass pistol cutters

Pistol cutter

Low as $15


Discount stain glass sheets

Hobby glass

LOW AS .77¢



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Stained Glass Supplies from Nickates

My glass supplies

Our stained glass starter kits have high quality tools. We offer in most cases a base starter kit or a deluxe stained glass starter kit which offers several upgraded products while still saving you money.  Extra glass cutters, glass runners, stained glass copper foil, solder lead and glass can be added to your order to complete your stained glass kit. Also check out our stained glass chemicals.  If your a student looking for a kit we know your not sure what to get or know the difference between glass tools.  Our stained glass tool kits are put together keeping your budget in mind while knowing you can always add other equipment as you get better.  

Instructors if your reselling stained glass starter kits we offer discounts on beginner kits.

Call our sales staff if you require a customized stained glass starter kit with different tools.  Starter stained glass kits are exactly what they imply.  For starters, you can always add to your order if you need other stained glass tool kits such as glass grinders, glass band saws or glass assortment packs or scrap stained glass.

We also sell a variety of starter kits that use different technique’s.  Students that prefer lead came work will find our lead came starter kit is complete.  The lead came starter kit is designed specifically for lead came construction.  It comes with the exclusive lead knife, fid, leading nails, lead pattern shears, lead glazing hammer, lead came stretcher and an assortment of lead came profiles we stock.  Again additional tools can be purchased to complement your kit which saves you money.