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Beveled Glass (PICK ) a subcatagory Beveled Glass Shapes or Beveled Glass Clusters

Bevels & Clusters
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Please note: When ordering boxes of 30 glass bevels scratches and chips will or may be found. When pricing these cases we took this into consideration. Closed boxes of 30 glass bevels are not returnable.   About Beveled Glass: Our stock glass bevels are 3/16" thick with a 1/2" bevel edge.  Beveled glass is usually made by taking 3/16" inch-thick clear glass and creating a 1/2 inch bevel on one side around the entire periphery. These clear glass bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting color diffraction which both highlights your stained glass work and provides a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.  Stock beveled glass shapes like round, square, diamond, oval and triangle shapes can create geometric patterns for beveled glass windows.  Bevels can also be used for beveled edges or beveled corners.  From the glass artist point, bevels bend light through the beveled edge throwing a rainbow of light in a room, on the floor or walls.  "Beveled glass" can be obtained as clusters which are arranged to create a specific design. Designs such as oriental, celtic, nature, birds, flowers, animals, and most typical victorian designs.   These can vary from simple three or four piece designs, often used in top lights (commonly known as transoms) of windows and conservatories, to more complex combinations of many pieces, suitable for larger panels such as doors and side screens (known in the door industry as side lites). Bevels again are clear for the bending of light.  Beveled Glass has also been used with clear and colored textured glass to create designs. Textured glass is typically 1/8" thick and has a distinct visible texture. The combination of beveled glass with the textured glass creates a dramatic visual effects letting lots of light through the design unlike a design using colored glass.