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Bullseye Glass
A stocking distributor of Bulls eye fracture streamers since the 1970's. This unique Tiffany style glass is filled with fractures of colored glass chips. In the center you will view small glass rods that are called streamers. This special glass is so unique no two pieces can be the same because it's hand cast. Purchasing Stained Glass Always purchase enough glass at the beginning of your stained glass project to complete it! Glass colors, like dye lots of fabric, can change from one shipment to the next, and you may not find exactly the same color match if you need more glass. In addition, glass manufacturers produce some colors as seldom as once a year. The colors displayed here can only be an approximation of the actual glass color. Please send a small sample if you are looking for an exact color match. Shipping Glass By UPS Glass for UPS shipping is cut to fit one of our specially designed, heavy duty glass boxes. PURCHASE Orders with glass sheets will be charged an additional charge for glass boxing. 1-13 sheets +$10 14-26 sheets +$14.50 over 27 sheets +$20 plus your UPS shipping charges. This glass boxing charge will be added to your INVOICE when we count and package the sheets. Glass sizes are approximate colors will vary.
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