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Curved glass repair

Custom curved and bent clear glass panels by Len Daley

clear bent curved glass lamp repairs
How to fix antique slag glass Step 3
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My professional portfolio is broad, from a lighting fixture in Korea to the Christian Science Center in Boston. Brows and enjoy some my bent glass projects I have completed. To be less intimidating clear curved clear glass panel repairs range between $75-250 for small jobs. Day projects can be priced. Before doing so, you may wish to look over and digest the costs of the repairs, which I set forth as follows.

A (mold) must be made from your original broken glass panel or good curved glass panel. My master mold making method requires about 8 hours of labor to complete. The process requires 2 kiln firings one to set the mold at 900 degree's, the second to bend the clear glass. It also requires making a paper pattern displaying the mathematical shape of a bent glass panel after bending.
Custom mold- (1-16") $125 Custom bent curved clear or colored glass panel - (single or compound bend 1-16") $85 ea .

Email pictures to
Questions please call me but a picture and email works best. I can be reached at (401)-314-6005 non text #

Other services offered
  • Flat colored glass cut to size
  • Drilling Bottles / Vases
  • Bevel Glass stock or custom
  • Bottle - Tube & Vase Cutting
  • Stemware Repairs
  • Chips/Grinding/Buffing
  • Sandblasting Glass
  • Re-model existing lighting glass
Glass Drilling
Wine bottles, jugs, jars, vases, ceramic, tubes, most anything can be drilled for lighting. Production pricing available. The video below required I cut 900, 11 inch tubes six inches wide. Then drill three 1/4 inch holes in each tube. This work was for the Presidential Hotel in NY.
Bevel Glass Repairs
Stock or Custom
Bevel glass repairs
Diamond Glass Saw Cutting
Wine bottles, glass tubing or existing lighting globes re cut or alterations.
Exterior lamp clear curved glass panel repair
Custom compound curved clear glass replacement panels. Bent clear glass repairs can be made up to 17".
Glass drilling and sawing lighting Send your bottles or vases any size to be drilled or cut down with diamond saws. Interior designers and custom lighting companies. Send me your production specifications. I have completed projects for hotels, restaurants and hospitals. No job to large. If your an importer and lighting was not to spec, I maybe able to rework it . Clear bent glass replacement lighting panels
Exterior lantern glass panels
Extrior curved glass, lantern glass panels, pole lighting glass panels, bent wall sconce glass. Custom made UP to 17"

Easy FAST UPS Orders...Just send

A. Paper templet for flat glass.
B. A broken panel or complete panel for curved glass.
C. Send the whole lamp for complete restoration.