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Free Resource Video's

Nickates has started working on 1-3 minute how to video's. They are at best created to inspire and add a little inspiration only. 

Glass Bead Making Classes in the Boston Ma area. Glass cutting demonstration video from How to use a glass bandsaw video from
Other services offered
  • Flat colored glass cut to size
  • Drilling Bottles / Vases
  • Bevel Glass stock or custom
  • Bottle - Tube & Vase Cutting
  • Stemware Repairs
  • Chips/Grinding/Buffing
  • Sandblasting Glass
  • Re-model existing lighting glass
Glass Drilling
Wine bottle lighting,jugs,jars,vases, ceramic, tubes, most anything.  Production pricing available.  Projuct show required 900 tubes with 3 holes each for a chandelier
Bevel Glass Repairs
Bevel glass repairs
Saw Cutting
Wine bottles, glass tubing or existing lighting globes re cut or alterations.  Projuct show required 900 tubes cut 11" from 4' lengths for a chandelier
Band Saw Battle
    Professional DVD's: Nickates has a library of professional (How to DVD glass video's). From techniques, construction to restoration. Our selection of video's will inspire and educate you in the convenience of your home.