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Glass Paints

Glass Paints
Nickates offers several types of paints for glass painting.

Glass Line Paints: Is primarily a glass paint used for graphics, line work or brush applications. Simple in design, easy to use and may be thinned with water. Designed to be used between multiple layers of glass or on top surface for a complex dimensional look. A metal tip set (sold separately) is recommended for fine line drawing on glass. The set consists of a Bold, Medium, and Fine tip. Glassline may be thinned and sprayed to achieve subtle shading variations or wide coverage. Compatible with most types of glass from float to 90 and 96 C.O.E. Permanent - Best fired to 1500oF, but may be fired lower or higher depending upon your desired results.

Reusche Paints:  For all your glass painting needs. Both for time honored flat firing stained glass as well as for the ever growing slumping and fusing techniques. Reusche, a name you have come to trust. All vitreous paints, mixture of ground glass & pigment oxide in powdered form, are to be mixed with gum arabic & water. 1 Ounce containers cover up to 300 sq inches. Firing temperature: 1150F - 1400F (626C - 766C). These paints are made without lead or cadmium making them safe to use for food bearing projects like bowls, plates, platters, etc. Available in one ounce containers.
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