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Quality Glass Drills by: Somma

How to drill glass

Sizes: 1/8 - 3/16- 1/4 - 5/16 - 1/2 - 3/4 and 1"


Scrap Glass

Low as $2.14 Pound
scrap stained glass supplies

Limited supply: Larger orders will get a better selection of colors.


Online discount stained glass supplies / fused glass distributor with low prices, quantity pricing, bulk pricing, and promo specials.

Aerolite stained glass Sale at

glass frit on sale Fused glass supplies

spectrum 96 glass packs 6040 solder special from nightlights dicroicglass special at

Celtic Bevel Glass Clusters

Annual Bevel Glass Sale

UP to 60% OFF


8' Metal Craft Shears

8" Metal Craft Shears

Hot Deal$14.99


Hot DealReg. $249.00CuttersMate

.glass saw

Make Cuts That Are Not Possible by Hand! Purchase the Taurus 3 glass saw with optional extra blade. for only $39 more

Nickates exclusive ships with 3 blades

Glass Band SawLow price saws.
C-40 saw is now shipping with 3 blades. Fast 40mph.


8 inch Round Mold

8 inch Round Mold

Hot Deal$11.55 Now $6.99


3/4' Suction Cups (100) Bulk no hook

3/4" Suction Cups (100) Bulk no hook

Hot Deal$15.25 Now $5.25

Metal Tube Cutter

Metal Tube CutterHot Deal

$10.99 Now $5.95



3/16 Copper Back Foil

Hot Deal Now $3.99



Round Brass Finish Stand

Round Brass Finish Stand

Hot Deal

$6.99 Now$4.49



Morton Clean Cut

Morton Clean Cut

Hot Deal$18.99 Now $11.25


Clear Texured Glass Sale 55% OFFHot Deal

Rosa and Flute

Clear Glass Sale

Clear Glass Sale

Stained Glass Fusing Jewelry Supplies


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