Since 1978 church glass painting.Len Daley President Nickates Art Glass Inc.


While at college as an art student,. I was fortunate to  for fill a directed study at Boston's renowned Connick Studio in the mid 70's. Additional in-speration and mentoring came from working with designer / architect Don Aikens and Bob Hall of Chapel Art Glass in the 80's. After 35 years Nickates still retains the same quality and passion for our workmanship as well as your windows and projects.

Lawrence MA Saint Mary Church

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Since 1978 Nickates Art Glass Inc., has been performing work for, architects, designers, and historical project management companies.  Our stained glass restoration and repair services are available for the New England area.   The glass artists at Nickates Art Glass Inc., are highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of the restoration process. You will find that we are extremely dedicated to ensuring that every piece of glass we work on is treated with respect from proposal to completion. We perform complete restoration projects from start to finish.

  • Window Restoration
  • Storm Protection
  • Window Cleaning
  • Lighting Restoration
  • Supplies

Church Window Restoration

What is wrong with our windows? The condition of a stained glass window is determined by the condition of different elements or systems that form the window. These systems are: the glass-retaining matrix: the glass: the weatherprofing, the support system and the method of installation. Failure of anyone of these systems can hasten the breakdown of the remaining systems and may result in the complete failure of a window. The failure of a stained-glass window occures over time and windows can look the picture of good health until the moment glass starts to fall out. It is important to understand what can go wrong, to look beyond the surface of beauty, and to see the early signs of failure.

  • Typical window system problems
  • Releading deflected and bulging glass sections: Lead Corrosion, Metal Fatigue, Age
  • Replacement of old wood frames: Wood rot, Poor priming and painting, Water daming
  • Refurbish metal ventilators: Rust, Broken welds, Worped or saging frames, Worn or broken metal parts
  • Repair broken / cracked colored glass: Impact damage or from stress fractures
  • Replacement of old yellow plastic plexy storms: Age, Poor heat venting
  • Installation of new aluminum vents: Modification to old windows for better interior air flow, Replacement of wrought iron
  • Memorial plates
Kev at Saint Mary's in Lawrence Mass
Malden Mass Church work
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Church storm window protection

Storm protectionNickates Art Glass, Inc. offers a series of different church window storm frames. Some are specially designed to receive both stained glass and a protective glass in the same frame depending on the existing setup. Other more popular alluminum frame series offer independent storm protection over existing stained glass windows. Besides protection from vandalism and natural causes these church window systems provide enhanced insulation from the sound, heat and cold, and can substantially lower fuel costs and conserve energy.

Nickates Art Glass, Inc. church window frames can easily be vented to reduce condensation and heat build up between the stained glass and protective glass.

Windows with lower or upper angle iron ventilators can be replaced with new alluminum thermal barrior vents. Even historical church standards, with horizontally center pivoted ventilators can be replaced.Walpole ma church

Standard anodized finished are clear and dark bronze. Standard painted finishes are white and bronze baked polyester meeting AAMA 2603. Custom anodized colors and high performance paint colors meeting  AAMA 2604 or 2605 are also available. Our storm protection systems are commercial grade profiles ranging from 1.75 to 2.50 inches thick depending on the size of your windows.


Window Cleaning

Before cleaningSimple cleaning is a preliminary step to glass restoration. Stained glass windows should be cleaned periodicaly to assess construction issues as well as preventing damaging organic acid from collecting. Saint Joesph's Church MaOrganic acid attack, results in a white powder appearing on the surface of the lead and glass. As the corrosion continues, the white powder grows into larger white chunks and falls away from the window. The corrosion can attack the hidden surfaces of the lead came as well as the matrices that have been tinned. The surface of the glass if painted with vitrious paints can hold the corrosion on the surface which will eventually pit and destroy the surface of the paints. Again stained glass windows have several systems in place which if one is failing the next system begins to fail. When the cement or wheatherprofing system is failing, air and water is moving between the lead and glass into the interior edges of the glass. As the air squeezes through this space its bringing with it condensation when the air moves into a warmer area. Condensation can form which is conductive to the growth of micro-organisms whose by-products attack the stained glass, the condensation rusts the steel support bars and encourages the rot of the wood frames.

Antique Church Lamp Restoration and Repairs

The Great Basket Chandelier by Leonard Daley

This solid brass genuine antique lighting chandelier was brought to the studio requiring a new glass basket.  A single unit consisting of 8 pieces of bent glass.  With no existing glass to copy or use as a guide, this project required a great deal of engineering and design work prier to starting.  The client requested a high level of craftsmanship that would complement the existing materials and workmanship.  This chandelier was built and manufactured by hand with forged and cast brass parts.  Everything from the electrical flowers to the brass metal work reflected what I call old world craftsmanship.  I personally found the the rope design from the basket to the ceiling most interesting with concealed internal electrical wiring.  On the surface the clients concerns were obvious.  Basic options and choices concerning selecting glass, brass and finishing materials.


Cast brass chandelier BEFORE and AFTER the restoration process.


Our studio's concerns started with a little research, pictures, catalogs, drawings, history anything associated with this genuine original vintage lighting chandelier.

Ownership of antique lighting sometimes carries a lot of pride over the years.  Often a client will offer a lot of knowledge about a lamp when it arrives for restoration.   Many bring in black and white pictures from a photo album with their antique fixture in the background.  I often hear clients start by saying,“this has been in my family for years”. On the other hand commercial lighting restoration projects are less personal.  Architect, historical building, and preservation organizations are less likely to have a personal attachment to a lamp repair or lighting restoration project.  Their concerns are in most cases focused on a broader renovation project that just includes minor lighting repairs.  This is when our studio knowledge and experience becomes a resource.  But whether its residential, commercial or historical work, We treat every project with the highest level of quality workmanship with both heart and mind.  

 In today’s world there are no restrictions.  Domestic and international clients are welcome to express projects or questions.  Our portfolio is broad, from a lighting fixture in Korea to the Christian Science Center in Boston.  Brows and enjoy some the past projects we have completed.  To be less intimidating repairs range between $75-250 for small jobs.  Day projects can be priced.  If your serious about a restoration project

Please contact Nickates via email  by clicking here.

Church Lighting Restoration
Antique lighting repairs
Genuine Antique lighting
Church lighting restoration





Supplies & Parts

Nickates has become one of the largest and last distributors of colored glass in the Boston area. Our instock glass collection from Kokomo, Wismach and several other manufactures fills our glass bins with over 80,000 sqft of glass. Having access to such a large pallet of colors we are able to supply local churchs with matching glass so their building and grounds departments can perform minor repairs involving sheets of colored glass. Much of which was manufactured the same way glass was made over 100 years ago. We also offer classes and workshops through out the year in our studio. These workshops can be taken by church stewards and church member to help educate them about the construction and techniques used to create their windows.

We ship all around the world, lead came, glass cutters, lead tools and more. Purchase stained glass restoration supplies directly from our website at



Our skilled workers retain and respects past craftsmanship and stress conservation of historical building standards.

We perform work related to replacement ventilators, protective storm covering, glass painting, re leading and glass replacement. Please contact Nickates if you have a project that requires historical stained glass or lighting restoration.  You may contact us via E-mail by clicking here. Or phone us at 508-580-1220.