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Stained Glass Patterns and Designs on CD's

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Stained Glass patterns and designs are now available on CD's.

Paned expressions stained glass designs are very unique.  If your really into designing and creating new patterns. You are very aware of the new computer enhanced methods of designing with glass. In the past 10 years Dragon Fly software has influenced the way stained glass windows are made. Basically a form of CAD and line bending tools can be used with a focus on glass. If you don't own a version on Dragon Fly Glass Eye 2000 for designing you are not able to modify or create glass designs on your computer. Paned Expressions has created over 1000 designs on CD's for you to use, print and view on your computer. As a distributor for Paned Expressions new on CD stained glass themes, we stock all 20 plus glass CD's.  Paned Expression CD designs come in three formates.jpg tiff and Glass Eye.